Children's needs

Flotjeux d'éveil pour enfants

Awakening games for children

Flot is much more than a collection of bath toys. These are educational and pedagogical toys that have been developed with childhood professionals to contribute to the sensory awakening and autonom...

Flotjeux rassurance pour les enfants

Reassurance games for children

It is important to reassure children in the bath to help them understand the world of water: Flot bath toys are there!

Flotjeux relaxants pour enfants

Relaxing games for children

Flot develops well-being and relaxation in the bath Flot bath toys were designed to develop children's autonomy and support them in learning hygiene. But we do not forget the well-being: an ess...

Flotjeux d'imagination pour les enfants

Imagination games for children

The world of the bath is conducive to the imagination! What fantastic creatures live in the oceans? What adventures do marine animals have? What do the whale, the octopus and the hippopotamus say t...

Piksmotricité fine

Motor skills games for children

Piks is much more than a game. It is a game that offers educational benefits to children from 3 to 12 years old such as the development of logic, the learning of decision and risk making, the incre...

Piksjeux créatifs pour les enfants

Creative games for children

Piks is much more than a toy! Piks is an educational and creative toy dedicated to the good development of the child.

Piksfaire grandir son estime de soi

Raise your self-esteem

Piks is much more than a construction game. It is a game that offers educational benefits to children: Piks frees creativity, develops attention and concentration skills, increases self-confidence ...

Piksjouets collaboratifs pour enfants

Collaborative and educational toys for children

Piks is much more than a toy. It is an educational construction toy, which allows the development of skills necessary for the proper development of the child.