Imagination games for children

jeux d'imagination pour les enfants

Flot develops the imagination

The universe of the bath and conducive to l'imagination ! What fantastic creatures live in the oceans? What adventures do marine animals have? What do the whale, the octopus and the hippopotamus say to each other when they meet? With our 3 animals, the imagination is limitless, children will create all kinds of stories made up of pirates, mermaids and monsters...
jeux imaginations pour les enfants

Imagination, what is it?

L'imagination is a faculty of the mind that allows us to evoke, in the form of mental images, situations of which we have not had direct experience. It also represents the ability to develop new ideas, to invent a new world, to create a universe full of fantasies… Imagination is useful in everyday life, it must be developed from an early age! 


Imagination in the bath world

The ocean is an environment full of mysteries where thousands of often misunderstood animals live! It is therefore a universe conducive to the imagination in which children create a world apart.  They like to explore underwater with a diving mask, to experiment with just immersing their ears to hear sounds differently, to let themselves float by the rocking water and create stories! It's time to find out magical sea creatures who live under water...

How games can develop the imagination

It's funny to see the toys floating, or on the contrary, sinking to the bottom of the bathtub! Children can invite their favorite figurines or dolls to take a bath and thus create different stories for them. Invent life scenes between characters allows the child to understand the world around him, to express himself and to externalize certain emotions experienced in real life. Must therefore leave room for creativity and imagination !
It is much easier to invent stories when you have characters or animals in hand! Our Flot companions are made for that...

The development of the imagination with Flot

We have designed animals especially so that children can make all possible stories come to life ! The children their invent adventures in the bath, the shower, the swimming pool, but also outside the water! It will also be an opportunity to learn more about each animal: How many kilos does a whale weigh on average? In which countries does the hippopotamus live? What is an octopus tentacle?

They will make the animals live on the surface of the water, outside the water and in the unexplored seabed of the bathtub. This moment can be shared with a parent or a brother, a sister, and everyone will bring the characters to life in their own way! Imagination is even greater when it is shared!

jeux imagination Oppi et Lunii

Imagination with Lunii stories :

To further develop the imagination with Flot, we collaborated with Lunii, the brand that invented the story factory, which has become essential for all families!
Lunii has created especially for So, Nervous And Go incredible adventures that children will love to listen to and experience. Children will love the stories told by Sophie Nanteuil.

The Bath Stories can be listened to exclusively on Ma Fabrique à Histoires.