Raise your self-esteem

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Piks boosts self-esteem

Piks is much more than a construction game. It's a game that offers educational benefits to children: Piks unleashes creativity, developed attention and concentration skills, builds self-confidence and self-esteem,… Play is an essential tool to allow children to learn, without even realizing it and to acquire skills necessary for their development as an adult of tomorrow!
Faire grandir son estime de soi

Self-esteem, what is it?

Self-esteem is a psychological concept which represents the judgment of a person towards himself, whether positive or negative. 

Self-esteem depends on many internal and external factors: intellectual skills, education, environment... 

Good self-esteem means that the person has awareness of one's strengths, but also of his weaknesses, no problem! Low self-esteem means that the person is not sufficiently aware of their strengths and focuses mainly on their weaknesses. 

To have good self-esteem, you must first of all with a good self-knowledge ! It is by exploring activities, by testing things, that one can identify one's strengths and areas of expertise.

Why is self-esteem important?

A good self-esteem is learned from a very young age and it works for a lifetime! With a good self-esteem, the child can easily express what he feels, his emotions, his ideas, he will dare to make choices, take risks and be more creative ! His relationships with others will also be easier, he will make friends faster and he will trust more easily. A good self-esteem will allow children to become fulfilled and accomplished adults! In everyday life, at school, at work, self-esteem allows us to be comfortable with others and in society: speaking in front of a group, defending our ideas, taking decisions and taking risks . Everything is connected: the more important the self-esteem, the more we dare to take risks, the more self-esteem grows, it's a virtuous circle! On the contrary, poor self-esteem limits decision-making and risks, it can lead to complicated relationships with others and can be the cause of real discomfort. Self-esteem is fragile, it is essential to give importance to it from an early age.
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How to increase your self-esteem through play?

To play is to dare! When he starts a game, the child is never sure of winning or of succeeding in his mission 100%.

He's already taking a risk by deciding to get into a game!

Thanks to the game, the child will know victories! He feels able to do things, his skills are thus valued: he manages to show logic and reflection, to call on his creativity...

It is by playing that he will learn to know himself, to discover his strengths and self-knowledge is essential for developing good self-esteem. By testing various creative activities and games, the child will be able to become aware of his strengths: creativity, sport, logical thinking... He will also be proud of what he has accomplished: a painting, a football victory, a successful math exercise.

But the child also knows failures! Throughout the game, the child will make mistakes and not always win! His self-esteem will be undermined but this is also how he will learn to keep confidence in him despite the failures! It is by maintaining self-confidence that he will be able to bounce back, learn from his mistakes and develop new skills to find the right solution.

How to build self-esteem with Piks

Self-esteem grows each time the child experiences success, as soon as he receives positive feedback and tries new things.

Succeed in a creative card or build the tallest tower possible, it's not that simple... it often takes several tries before you can get it right! Having good self-esteem also means knowing how to bounce back, start over and learn from mistakes and experiences. Little by little, as trials (and successes!), the child will trust him. Thanks to this acquired confidence, he will dare to attempt even more impressive and original constructions and move on to the higher level of difficulty of the creative cards.

With Piks, with each new level, self-esteem grows at the same time! Children are proud to build their tower, try things and see that it works! To further develop the child's self-esteem, support him and emphasize his strengths during play.