Creative games for children

jeux créatifs pour les enfants

Piks unleashes creativity

Piks is more than a toy! Piks is an educational and creative toy dedicated to the good development of the child. It was thought out and designed in collaboration with specialists from the world of education to bring real benefits to children. Piks brings all kinds of skills, your child will be able to unleash their creativity and imagination, and also learn to concentrate, develop attention,…

jeux créatifs pour les enfants

What is creativity?

Creativity is the ability to think or act differently, the ability to develop new ideas, methods or objects. 

Creativity is a skill, which may be more or less innate, and which is acquired and developed over time!

The importance of creativity in your child's development

Creativity promotes healthy child development so many ways! It allows him to see things from different angles and thus promotes his openness to others. Creativity facilitates the expression of ideas and the management of his emotions when he recreates, for example, a scene from everyday life or builds an imaginary universe. Creation allows children to develop and reinforce their own identity by thinking and acting in their own way. When the child creates something by himself, he realizes his ability to do things on his own and therefore he gains self-confidence and develop his self-esteem. Creativity is therefore also a very good way for children to gain confidence!

Creativity will allow him, as a fulfilled adult, to find solutions to obstacles and to always have new ideas. The ability to create decreases over the years, especially because of screens… in front of which children are passive and inactive, two ingredients harmful to creativity! Imagining new things, thinking differently, creating, it can be learned at any age and it's even easier for children! It is therefore essential to support them from an early age to develop their creativity so that they become accomplished, creative and self-confident adults!

jeux créatifs pour les enfants

The benefits of creative games

All children are creative, but they are all on different levels! So how do you develop your child's creativity? For that, creative games are essential!

As a child, creativity develops primarily through play. The goal is to let the child express himself and not impose rules. To free creativity, artistic activities are very beneficial such as drawing, music, dance, theater... the child can express himself other than through language, invent an imaginary world, become someone else and thus see things in a whole new way!

For example, the animation of characters via dolls or stuffed animals allows the child to release your emotions and also his frustrations by reconstructing scenes of daily life. He thus reinvents reality, has a different perception and this helps him to analyze and understand certain situations.

Building games are very beneficial! They help the child to free his creativity and thus contribute to his good development. They are ideal for (re)constructing real or imaginary figures! The child will also learn through experience by testing various combinations. It is essential to encourage the child to help him develop his creativity, the objective is to invite him to go beyond his own limits!

In-game creativity with Piks

The game Piks offers different game formulas. It's a building game composed of cones of 3 colors and 3 different sizes and wooden planks of various shapes.

The challenge is to create the tallest or most original tower possible! And that is possible thanks to the adhesion of the materials between the silicone cones and the beech wood boards. The "free" game formula allows the child to be the master of the game, to let his inventiveness express itself to build a tower, a fortified castle, an animal, a character... and create his own story!

You can also let yourself be guided by the creative cards to reproduce a chameleon, a butterfly, a rocket... The creative cards have been specially designed to come to the aid of children in need of inspiration. You just have to follow the instructions: the number of cones, the color of the cones, the shape of the different boards. Now is the time to start replicating the model, take the time to carefully analyze the construction: what elements should you place first?

Piks develops children's creativity and many other skills. It also helps to work attention and concentration, to develop logical thinkingstrengthen fine motor skills,…