Children's needs

Flotjeu d'experimentation pour les enfants

Experiment games for children

Our Flot bath toys offer many useful benefits for the good development of children: hygiene, autonomy, fine motor skills... All this learning is also done through experimentation, children will lea...

PiksPrendre des décisions et des risques

Take decisions and risks

Piks is much more than a toy. Piks is a game created in collaboration with education specialists to provide the benefits necessary for the proper development of children: learning self-esteem, deci...

PiksAccroitre ses capacités visuo spatiales

Increase your visual-spatial abilities

Piks is much more than a toy. Piks is an educational and progressive game that accompanies the child by helping him to develop essential skills: motor skills, self-esteem, decision-making and risk-...

Piksjouet de concentration pour enfant

Concentration toys for kids

Piks is much more than a game. It was designed with childhood specialists to meet real educational needs.

Piksjeu de réflexion pour enfants

Puzzle games for children

Piks is much more than a construction game. It is a game that offers educational benefits to children: Piks frees creativity, develops attention and concentration skills, increases self-confidence ...

Flotjeux d'hygiène pour les enfants

Hygiene games for kids

Flot is an innovative collection of bath toys! These are educational bath toys designed for learning about hygiene and autonomy. Children learn the essential steps for a successful toilet, while ha...

Flotjeux de bain pour la motricité fine

Bath games for fine motor skills

Our bath toys have been designed and created to bring useful benefits to the good development of the child: they promote the learning of hygiene and autonomy, invite the imagination... and also dev...

Flotjeux d'autonomie pour enfants

Autonomy games for children

With Kuji, Tako and Kaba, children will have fun and assimilate the right gestures to wash independently! They are educational toys that develop children's autonomy in learning about hygiene.