Awakening games for children

jeux d'éveil pour enfants

Flot awakens the sensoriality

Flot is much more than a bath toy collection. they are toys educational and pedagogical that have been developed with childhood professionals to help sensory awakening and to autonomy children, from 10 months.

jeux d'éveil pour enfants

What is sensory awakening?

Sensory awakening is the development of 5 senses children (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight), and it starts before birth! 

Sensory awakening is an essential dimension in the development of the child and his relationship to the world around him. Sensory perceptions can only be truly apprehended if they are first experienced and experienced by the child himself. The child must be able to look, listen, touch, smell, taste. It is by making experiences for him/herself that he or she will be able to open up to the world around him and understand it.


Sensory awakening in the world of the bath

The world of the bath is already particularly conducive to sensory awakening: children smell the scent of soap, feel the water on their skin, run the water between their fingers, play with the foam, listen to the splashing water. All the senses are awakened! Let your child discover and experiment this universe so different from what he already knows.


How games can develop sensory awareness in the bath

By adding games in the bath, the awakening of the senses multiplies even more!
To develop sensoriality in the bath, children must touch, smell, manipulate...

It is possible to add experiments through objects and toys that allow water to be transferred, to make it flow... Develop your child's sense of touch with toilet sponges of different textures, brushes. For the sense of smell, opt for soaps with various scents that will evoke various memories.

 jeux d'eveils pour enfants

The development of sensory awareness with Flot

With our 3 Flot bath toys, children will experiment with different textures. Kuji, Kaba and Tako are designed in two parts: one is flexible and the other more rigid. 

Kuji la Baleine was designed around the sensoriality. Kuji's baleen turns into a sensory brush thanks to flexible strips! Children experience touch and tactile perception over their whole body. 

Tako the Octopus is the master of sensoriality: its small suction cups formed of hollows and bumps are ideal for stimulating children's touch! In addition, children love the sound of the suction cups that stick and peel off endlessly. Thanks to Tako, they will feel the water running over their body, create and play with the foam, which will also develop their sense of smell. 

Kaba l'Hippo is the companion that helps us fully enjoy this moment of relaxation. Its small massage balls are designed for babies and children: they bring softness and soothing... the sense of touch will be particularly solicited. Contact with the skin will prolong this moment of well-being.