Collaborative and educational toys for children

jouets collaboratifs pour enfants

Piks learns about collaboration

Piks is much more than a toy. It is an educational building toy, which helps to develop the skills necessary for the proper development of the child. It is a toy that offers the possibility of acquiring intellectual, motor and social skills, etc. such as collaboration and team spirit!

What does collaboration mean?

Collaborating is the action of working with several people, as a team, to successfully accomplish, together, a common task or mission. 

Collaboration is one of the social skills that are important to develop in children. to allow him to bond with others and society!

jouets collaboratif

Collaboration in your child's development

Collaborating or working together is above all listen, discover the others and their ways of seeing things, of thinking... which are all different! It is precisely the discovery and learning of these differences that will allow the child to develop his open-mindedness.

You have to know how to observe: analyze a situation to carry out the mission. Observing is simple, it starts when the big brother naturally takes his role of "big" to heart to explain, show things to his little sister because he is aware that she does not yet know how to do as many things as him. !

To collaborate, everyone must participate and no one should be left out! It is essential that everyone has their role to play. So we wonder: who has the most logical mind? who is more creative ? It is also learning to trust the other and having confidence in yourself to take your place in the group. If the child easily finds his place within the group, it is a very reassuring and comforting feeling for him.

In order to be able to succeed in a common mission, it is essential to agree on the things to be put in place and who does what! Collaborating also means learning to compromise and knowing how to assert your point of view when necessary. By expressing their point of view, by arguing, the child learns to communicate better and develop his self-confidence ! Developing all these skills will be very useful at school or at work to work in a team for example.

jouet collaboratif pour enfants

How can cooperative games contribute to the good development of children?

Often, the games have the same goal: to win! (or be part of the winning team).

In cooperative games, competitiveness completely disappears! So the goal is to help each other succeed together, as a team!

Cooperative games also allow you to discover the personality of your children: will they assert themselves? Will he be further back? Will he be able to compromise and bond with the other children? You too will learn a lot by watching the children play together!

It is important that the children stay in cooperation and not in competition! The objective must remain the same: all together succeed in a mission.

To further develop collaboration and team spirit, team sports are ideal!

Thanks to collective play, children learn to lose or win together! They understand the importance of the group in this way: everyone has different skills and knowledge and everyone adds their cone to the edifice! And when you share a success, it's even more beautiful, isn't it?

… and by learning to collaborate through play, children will also learn to collaborate with parents and therefore better understand their role in the home. They will better understand the stakes and the interest of putting away the toys, clearing the table... useful educational benefits in all areas of daily life!

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In-game sharing and trading with Piks

Piks is a free building game, which can be played alone or with others. Together, between brothers and sisters, with dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, the collaboration is taking place! You will have to know how to listen to follow the advice of the greatest, learn to question your own idea, to take decisions and take risks!

With Piks, we can face each other in a duel or on the contrary, set a common objective: build a 12-storey tower, reproduce the creative map of the rocket, etc. The children will therefore have to, all together, analyze the situation, understand the balance and make common decisions: do we put a big cone or a small cone? And which board do we choose? Is it too risky? Everyone will give their opinion and then, it will be necessary to decide and get started!

As the game progresses, everyone takes their place and defends their point of view. You also have to know how to learn to lose all together, to draw conclusions from mistakes and to find solutions while remaining united and united!