Reassurance games for children

jeux rassurance pour les enfants

Flot, reassuring bath toys

bath, water can be worrying environments for children, as well as for parents! The child, accompanied in this moment by toys, will be reassured to find them each time and will not be alone to face his fears. Flot was also designed for this: bring comfort and make bath time enjoyable for all children!

What is reassurance?

Reassurance is the action of reassuring someone, of giving them trust so that he/she feels security. Reassuring someone makes it possible to secure them, reassure them and soothe them in relation to a situation that can be anxiety-provoking. A baby has many discoveries to make throughout his development and the unknown can be scary... it is essential to reassure him to allow him to grow serenely.

rassurance dans le bain

Reassurance in the world of bathing

A baby is naturally not afraid of water, the concern can come from parents who transmit their own fears unconsciously. 

Water is at the beginning, a universe to rediscover, thechild will tame the different feelings lived in the bath. Let your child take his time and go at his own pace to discover water: invite him to to touch water to start, to gently put a little water on his skin and immerse his body step by step, while maintaining it correctly.

In the bath, the child will find this common and reassuring feeling of life in utero as explained Sonia Krief, childcare assistant, founder of the method “Thalasso Baby Bath“, who worked with us on the development of the bath toys. He will therefore feel protected and safe. You can add toys to further reinforce this reassuring feeling.

How Games Can Build Reassurance

Your child is not 100% comfortable inside the bath? Use games to reassure him and accompany him to make this moment as pleasant as possible. 

The games are very effective because they go distract the child : his attention will be focused on something else. His fears will be allayed without him even realizing it!

You can create a calm and soothing environment with dimmed lighting, a song he likes, his cuddly toy placed near the bathtub: elements to which he/she is used and which reassure him/her outside the bath.

To invite him to think about something else: tell him a story! You can make him listen to the story of Lunii specially created for our 3 Flot companions.

Don't forget: if you yourself are comfortable with the world of water, your child will have no fear! He will sense your own fears.


The development of reassurance with Flot

Kuji, Tako and Kaba will become your children's comforters during bath time! With their too cute heads, the 3 animals make everyone crack and children get attached to them very quickly!

They will be eager and will be happy to find them each time to experience a moment of play. To accompany your child, show the magical functions of the 3 animals: Nervous propels water through its nostrils, So sticks everywhere and pours rain, Go hides a sensory brush. By playing and laughing, your child will quickly forget his fear of water! He will be busy have fun with the 3 animals and invent incredible stories for them.