Motor skills games for children

motricité fine

Piks is more than a game. It is a game that offers educational benefits to children from 3 to 12 years old such as the development of logic, learning to take decisions and risks, the development of fine motor skills… intellectual, motor and social skills essential to the proper development of children.

What is fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills represent all the functions that allow the control of fine movements. Thanks to fine motor skills, it is possible to perform precise and coordinated gestures, it mobilizes the hands and fingers. It is acquired from early childhood! Fine motor skills include various abilities:

  • Gripping The development of prehension, prehension is the ability to grasp objects with the hand! Gripping is the way the hand will take because it must adapt to textures, shapes, weights, sizes... for this it is therefore important that the child handles different objects.

  • Transportation : The ability to move an object from one place to another.

  • Voluntary release : Knowing how to release an object to position it in a specific place.

  • manipulations in the hand : For example, the child manages to move an object from his fingers to his palm.

  • Bi-manual skills :  The child needs to use both hands in a coordinated way.

  • The ability to use a tool : To perform an action, for example a pen, an eraser, etc.

It is fine motor skills that allow children to be more agile with their fingers, to be more flexible in the wrist, to have better hand-eye coordination...

motricité fine

The importance of motor skills for the good development of children

The first gestures of fine motor skills are the extension of the arm and the preparation of the hand to grasp an object.

Motor skills allow the development of dexterity, necessary for the gestures of daily life: eating, drinking, dressing, writing... it is therefore essential to develop it from an early age!

Indeed, if the fine motor skills are not worked, the child will then take bad habits to compensate and will have atypical grips on his pen for example.

In order to be independent, children must develop their fine motor skills because it is essential for getting dressed, tying your shoes, etc.

How games can develop fine motor skills?

We can never repeat it enough: each child evolves at their own pace! The good news is that you can help him develop his fine motor skills through play.

To develop fine motor skills, your child can try out various manual and sensory activities: modeling clay, pottery, building a house of cards…

Drawing, cutting, collage activities are also very beneficial! They involve being very meticulous and of be precise. The creation of pearl necklaces, sewing requires fine and precise gestures! You can also create a sorting workshop: mix pasta, beads, buttons... the child will then have to use all the components of fine motor skills.

Puzzles are also very effective for working on fine motor skills because they will allow the manipulation of very small pieces and the development of visual-spatial abilities at the same time.

building games also have an important role to play in the development of fine motor skills thanks to the different materials, the various shapes, the child must constantly adapt to grasp the object, position it, and keep it in balance!

jeu de motricité pour les enfants

The development of motor skills with Piks

Piks is designed for all children, and allows them to develop their motor skills, whether they have a disability or not. Piks was designed in collaboration with specialists in the world of childhood : occupational therapists, psychiatrists… to enable work on specific aspects.

Thanks to the different sizes of cones and planks, and to the different materials, (wood, silicon) your child can develop his fine motor skills on several levels: gripping, carrying, voluntary release, handling in the hand, manual skills. Indeed, silicone and wood are very different materials which involve a gripping adapted, voluntary relaxation must be particularly meticulous to maintain balance manual skills allow you to manipulate both a cone and a board to readjust the construction! Kids learn to control their gestures! It's all part of sensory awakening, which is an essential notion in the development of the child. Sensoriality can only be apprehended if they are lived and experienced by the child himself: he must look, listen, touch, smell, taste… it is his way of opening up to the world! Piks can stimulate multiple senses at once!