Relaxing games for children

jeux relaxants pour enfants

Flot develops well-being and relaxation in the bath

Flot bath toys were designed to develop children's autonomy and support them in learning hygiene. But we do not forget the well-being: an essential element of bath time!
jeux relaxants pour enfants

Well-being, what is it?

There are many dimensions of well-being: social, intellectual, emotional,… More generally, well-being is apleasant state that results from the satisfaction of the needs of the body and calmness of the mind. Concerning our animals from the Flot Collection, we mainly talk about the notion of physical well-being.


Well-being in the bath world

Before experiencing physical well-being, one must first be aware of one's own body! Perfect: the context of the bath is ideal for the child to become aware of it, he is fully immersed in the water and therefore feels it on all parts of his body.

The bath is a particularly safe environment for the child. The child feels as if he had returned to his mother's womb. He finds the known and reassuring sensations of life in utero. The feeling of well-being naturally invades the child when he is in the bath unconsciously.

Introducing “Thalasso Bain Bébé” by Sonia Krief:
Sonia Krief, childcare assistant, collaborated with us for the creation of the Flot Collection.

Sonia Krief created the Thalasso Baby Bath, a method of the infant's first bath to allow him to relive the sensations experienced in his mother's womb. The bath is a real moment of transition between life in utero and outside. This bath is a privileged moment that brings many benefits: relaxation thanks to hot water, release of tensions, creation of a bond between parent/child. 


How to develop well-being in the bath?

To strengthen the wellness in the bath, you can act on the environment by putting on relaxing music, for example, to recreate a calm and reassuring cocoon. 

Music will harmonize the nervous system of the body, reduce anxiety and create a feeling of tranquility. The light will also have an impact in creating a soothing atmosphere. You can dim the light or add colored lights to reinforce the feeling of a reassuring environment by opting for warm colors. The stories offered for the bath created by Lunii are also an opportunity to relax by listening to the sweet voice of Sophie Nanteuil and following the steps for a 100% Zen and relaxation bath.
In addition to the environment outside the bath, you can add toys in the bath which will be reassuring and which will help to further relax the body.

The development of well-being with Flot

During bath time, it is essential to link hygiene and well-being. Washing should be a pleasant daily moment for children and this is possible thanks to the right products: a smell of soap that brings back memories or a toy that reassures.

Nervous, with its small sensory balls, provides delicate massages specially designed for the sensitive skin of babies and children. It can be used before, during, after and even outside bath time. After the bath, on the bed, it's time to enjoy a moment of complicity. Kaba is ideal for a transition between bath and bedtime, the child will be soothed and ready for a night's sleep. To teach your child to use Kaba, use Kaba on yourself to show him the right gestures, he.she will use it independently afterwards. Help your child for areas that are inaccessible to him, such as his back, for example.