Experiment games for children

jeu d'experimentation pour les enfants

Flot: experimentation at the service of learning

Our Flot bath toys offer many useful benefits for the healthy development of children: l’hygienel’autonomy, the fine motor skills… All this learning is also done through experimentation, children will learn while having fun!

jeux d'experimentations pour les enfants

What is experimentation?

Experimentation is the act of experimenting, that is, of learning or discovering from experience. The child will learn by l’imitation, experimentation and observation. The link of “cause and effect” will allow him to understand that an action leads to a result.

It is by doing and via the alternation trial and error children will learn and grow!

Experimentation in the bath world

Experimentation is necessary in the world of bathing for a child to learn good hygiene practices for a successful toilet. For this, the parent will explain, show and invite the child to reproduce the same gestures. The child will play with water, have fun filling containers, pouring, creating foam... all these experiences will help him understand water and reduce his potential fears. Free play and imagination of the child will also allow him to experiment through stories. The child will naturally experience water through these 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste. Let it be, it is through its own experience and the trial and error what he will learn!

How games can develop experimentation

The games will allow you to experiment in a different way! They open up the field of possibilities: the children will be able to decant using an empty bottle for example, run water with a watering can, without these accessories it will be complicated to multiply the experiments.

jeux d'expérimentations pour les enfants

The development of experimentation with Flot

It will be easier to learn in the company of Kuji, Tako and Kaba than with just a toilet sponge and shower gel. Our funny animals make bath time more fun and invite you to learn... while having fun!

With Tako the Octopus , the children make a lot ofexperimentation ! By changing the membrane, children understand that you need soap and blow more or less hard to make foam. By positioning the rigid membrane, they will discover that they can make rain flow but to do so, they will have to test different things!
With Kuji la Baleine the children play to fill it with water, to make the water flow, decant, invent stories, but that's not all ! Thanks to that sensory brush, they learn to wash themselves by reproducing the gestures explained and shown by the parents.
With Kaba l'Hippo, the children will experiment with sensoriality by gently rolling the small massage balls on their skin...

It is the combination of the 3 animals that will allow you to multiply the experiences!