Concentration toys for kids

jouet de concentration pour enfant

Piks develops attention and concentration

Piks is much more than a game. It was designed with childhood specialists to meet real educational needs. Designed specifically in response to attention disorders (ADHD), this construction game develops children's attention and concentration skills, unleash their creativity, increases their fine motor skills

jouet de concentration pour les enfants

What is attention and concentration?

Attention is a voluntary act that allows the child to focus on a single task.

There are three different types of attention:

  • Sustained attention: attention is maintained to successfully perform an action
  • Selective attention: the ability to select one type of information in favor of another (the child manages to block out the surrounding noise to concentrate on his homework)
  • The shared attention: the ability to process several types of information simultaneously

Concentration is sustained attention on a single subject and allows you to filter out any information that could distract the child. Attention and concentration are infinitely linked, without attention, there can be no concentration. These two essential skills for good development can be developed from a very young age and can be worked on for life!

Why is it important to develop attention and concentration?

Attention and concentration are two essential skills for the proper development of the child. Indeed, these skills are necessary for learning and thus the development of other skills!

In everyday life, whether to accomplish a task at home (making a recipe), or at school (understanding a lesson and thinking about an exercise), our attention and our concentration are constantly in demand!

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD) have unfortunately experienced growth in recent years, partly explained by the ubiquity of screens, from an early age. Screens lead to physical and intellectual inactivity, which are very harmful to attention and concentration skills which are in full development in children! It has therefore become necessary to develop these capacities, especially through play.

jeu de concentration pour enfants

How to increase your attention and concentration skills through play?

To promote the concentration of a child, it is necessary above all that he likes the activity, that is why the game can strongly contribute to the development of attention and concentration ! First of all, take care of the environment! Indeed, it must be as calm as possible and the least disturbing to help children stay attentive and focused. Then explain the activity or game to him beforehand, this will help him stay attentive and focused.

Drawing activities such as mandalas allow the child to stay focused and meticulous to achieve his goal: finish his creation! All quiet activities where the child can play or experiment on their own are great for concentration: creating a work, reading, listening to audio books... he will have to learn to ignore the environment and external disturbances to continue his activity!

building games are particularly recommended for developing attention and concentration because they require l’observation, logic and thinking to succeed ! The attention and concentration of the child are therefore stimulated by the final objective and the associated victory!

To encourage your child to be attentive and focused: show him the example and play with him!

Pay attention to your child: he begins to fidget, he often changes position on his chair...? It's time to change jobs!

How to develop attention and concentration with Piks

Piks construction game has been specially designed to develop the attention and concentration of children.
The game was designed in collaboration with childhood specialists (occupational therapists, child psychiatrists,) to be adapted to attention disorders (ADHD). While playing Piks, children need to maintain their attention and concentration to analyze situations, to reflect on to the best options and make decisions!

Through play and the fun of playing, children develop their attention and concentration without even realizing it (it's much more enjoyable than performing an exercise!). They must pay attention to analyser the situation, sometimes play together and stay focused to find THE solution that will allow the construction to grow while maintaining balance. With Piks, the combinations are endless, which means sustained attention and concentration to exercise his logical mind and to take decisions ! Guided play, possible thanks to creative cards, requires attention to the smallest details and unwavering concentration to create it successfully!

Faced with various attempts and possible failures, they must maintain a high level of attention and concentration to find appropriate solutions and know how to bounce back!