Take decisions and risks

Prendre des décisions et des risques

Piks learn decision and risk making

Piks is much more than a toy. Piks is a game created in collaboration with education specialists to provide benefits necessary for the healthy development of children: learning self-esteem, decision-making and risk-taking… essential skills to become a fulfilled and happy adult!

prendre des décisions et des risques

Knowing how to take decisions and risks, what does that mean?

Decision making and risk taking are two different things:

  • Making decisions is knowing how to make choices, and for this, it is necessary to know and understand the thinking process : we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages.

  • Taking a risk is making a decision hoping for a positive outcome, while being aware that the outcome may be negative. With each risk taking, there is a degree of uncertainty, more or less important, as to the possibilities of success or failure.

Decision making can involve risk taking, but it doesn't always!

Decision and risk making is part of our daily lives, we make many decisions every day! It is more or less easy to take decisions and risks depending on the situation and if we have developed capacities since childhood.

Why is it important to know how to take decisions and risks?

The first decisions made by a child mark the beginning of autonomy !

Lack of self-confidence impairs decision-making and risk-taking, its two aspects are intimately linked and must therefore be worked together! In order for him to develop his self-confidence, it's necessary give responsibilities to the child (at the height of his abilities) such as washing himself, getting dressed, tidying his room... after all his successful "missions", he will be proud of himself! And if the child does not get there quickly, it does not matter! Keep encouraging him!

Let your child take risks, it does not mean letting him do whatever he wants. All situations must be analyzed, so you can assess the danger and let your child do it (or not!).

Knowing how to take decisions and risks is necessary for autonomy, the child who has become an adult will thus be able to assess situations, solve problems, without necessarily needing assistance or outside advice because he will trust himself enough.

prendre des décisions et des risques

How to know how to take decisions and risks through the game?

Learn to take risks through play makes it possible to avoid any danger (and thus reassures the parents)!

In order to develop decision-making and risk-taking in your child, he must feel that he has the possibility to make decisions for himself, so he must leave choices and not impose everything on him (for example, the choice of clothes, the choice of the creative activity of the day, etc.). Decision-making can therefore be an integral part of the child's daily life, at home and at school. To help a child make decisions and take risks, games are great for learning while having fun!

Building and balancing games are useful for risk and decision-making because the child must analyze the situation, assess the potential risks and choose the best option.
By making mistakes, the child will learn and understanda if he took too many risks. It's important to let the child make mistakes and make mistakes, that's how we were all taught!

Let the children play alone: ​​simply explain the game to him if necessary and let him experiment while keeping an eye on him!

How to know how to take decisions and risks with Piks

Thanks to the construction game, the child naturally makes decisions to position such and such a cone, take a small or a large wooden board... He must also take risks by varying the points of balance and by trying to create an ever higher and original tower!

The "free" game mode possible with Piks offers a multitude of possible combinations, thanks to the alliance between the cones and the wooden planks, the child has a wide choice, it is all the more complex to make decisions! It is thanks to the infinite results that he will be able to learn little by little to make choices.

The child will certainly make “mistakes” because the tower will fall (and not just once!), so it goes learn because he will know what went wrong. He will also know that take risks it allows you to make an even bigger construction! And that in any case without taking decisions and without taking risks, its construction could not exist...