Hygiene games for kids

jeux d'hygiène pour les enfants

Hygiene training with Flot

Flot is a innovative bath toy collection! These are educational bath toys designed for learning to hygiene and of autonomy. Children learn the essential steps for a successful toilet, while having fun!

What is hygiene?

Hygiene represents all the care given to the body to keep it healthy. state of cleanliness. Hygiene brings bodily well-being and above all, it preserves health thanks to regular, even daily care.

Good hygiene protects against viruses that can spread very quickly: hygiene is beneficial for you and also for others!

Jeu d'hygiène pour enfants

Hygiene during bath time

The bath is THE daily moment that allows you to have good body hygiene. It is added to other moments of hygiene such as regular hand washing and brushing of teeth. 

The bath is a moment of hygiene... but not only! It is also a time of share  between parent and child, complicity, calm, games and learning. It is important that this moment is perceived as a real moment of relaxation and pleasure and not as a task to be carried out every day. The child learns to take care of him, it is a habit to take from a very young age and which will last throughout his life!

jeux d'hygiène pour bébé

How do games teach about hygiene?

learning about hygiene is a great step towards the autonomy of your child!
Before inviting your child to learn about hygiene, explain to him why hygiene is so important… and this can go through experimentation. For example, handle one end of an apple with dirty hands, handle another end of an apple with washed hands, and set both ends aside. After a few hours or a few days, your child will observe that one of the ends has deteriorated much faster than the other!

Now that your child is aware of the inconvenience of poor hygiene, he can learn the stages of successful hygiene through games. 

For example, when learning how to wash your hands, it is possible to invent a little song that explains the different phases to wash your hands correctly. In song, the child retains more easily and takes pleasure in reproduce the good gestures !

Little by little, hygiene rules will become automatic!

jeux d'hygiène pour enfants