Bath games for fine motor skills

jeux de bain pour la motricité fine

Flot develops fine motor skills

Our bath toys have been designed and created to provide useful benefits for the good development of the child: they promote the learning of hygiene and of l’autonomy, invite imagination… and also develop fine motor skills.

motricité fine

What is fine motor skills?

Fine motor skills, which mobilize the hands and fingers, allow control of fine movements. It includes various abilities such as gripping, the voluntary relaxation, manipulations in the hand, transport, bi-manual skills, the ability to use a tool… Fine motor skills are necessary for the gestures of daily life and can be worked through play, and even during the moment bath!

Fine motor skills in the world of the bath

Fine motor skills are developed a lot around the world of the bath: your child will learn to undress and dress himself. This learning is a big step in autonomy, for this your child must know to coordinate his hands and eyes and develop his bi-manual skills to detach its buttons for example.

In the bath, your child will learn to open and close containers (shower gel, shampoo), handle a brush, he will grope to understand how to do it and at the same time practice solving problems. In all the gestures of daily life, including bath time, your child uses his fine motor skills to gain autonomy! You can develop these abilities through games.

motricité fine dans le bain

How to develop fine motor skills in the bath?

Water is an element conducive to experimentation ! This is good news because the development of fine motor skills takes place through experience: it is by manipulating on its own that the baby or child will learn.

By handling containers, babies will learn to fill them, empty them, transfer water, make them float, immerse them in water... all these gestures will develop fine motor skills in children.

Developing fine motor skills with Flot

Babies and children will have to show skill in handling all of our bath toys and enjoying all of their features. They will learn to separate them in two, assemble them, fill them, empty them,… all these manipulations will naturally develop the fine motor skills

Thanks to Kuji la Baleine, babies and children will experience the transfer water, will fill and empty the water to infinity! The small soft pins of the sensory brush will also develop fine motor skills. Kaba will be perfect for practicing gripping: this ability is essential for playing with its water spray feature.

To make rain flow or create foam with Tako the Octopus, children will have to handle it, do tests, to understand how it works and have fun with it! They will learn to open it, change the membranes, close it, stick it everywhere thanks to its suction cups!