Puzzle games for children

jeu de réflexion pour enfants

Piks develops logic and thinking

Piks is much more than a toy. It is a construction game with multiple possible combinations that develops both focus and concentration, logic and reflection, without forgetting creativity ! To create the most original or tallest tower possible, you must not drop any piece... and for that, you must know how to use logic and reflection to make the right decisions!

What does logic and reflection represent?

Reflection is an intellectual process that allows you to examine a thought, analyze a situation, with the aim of assembling and clarifying our ideas.

Logic is not just solving mathematical problems, it is the ability to connect information to make a decision. 

Logic requires a sense of observation and reflection. Logic is not innate and can be trained all your life! 

Reflection and logic will help develop other skills such as creativity (we try to find innovative solutions to solve a problem).

jeu de réflexion pour enfants

Why is it important to develop logic and thinking?

Logic and thinking develop from an early age when children understand that there is a consequence for every action. The baby who has fun dropping a toy repeatedly understands that his gesture gives a result.

Thanks to logic and reflection, from the age of 7, children will be able to anticipate the consequences of their actions before carrying them out.

The development of logic and reflection is essential to our daily lives: we constantly analyze situations to find the best solution.

When a child is able to use logic and thinking, it will be easier to relate well to others and solve problems. He will also be able to better manage his emotions by knowing how to analyze situations.

The development of logic and thinking through play

To help the little ones think, you can read him stories, and ask him his opinion on the actions of the characters. Asking your child questions beginning with “why” or “how” invites them to think.

Children need to experiment to think logically! They will do trial and error, which will allow them to find solutions. For children under 2 years old, assembly and fitting games are ideal and will invite the child to think!

Logic games allow children to learn patience, observation and thinking all at the same time: it's time to bring out your Rubik's cube!

Guessing games, riddles to solve or the search for intruders are very effective for working the logical mind. These games can be set up from 3 years old!

building games allow children to learn logic, while having fun and independently. Children vary the combinations, find solutions and show creativity.

It is by playing that it is possible to develop logic and thinking skills.

How to develop logic and thinking with Piks

With Piks, children naturally analyze situations to understand the notion of balance, make decisions and take risks. The little ones (3-5 years old) will learn by trying and observing if the tower balances or falls!

Thanks to the different silicone cones and the variety of wooden boards, the combination possibilities are endless! It will therefore be all the more natural for children to develop their thinking and logical skills.
From 6 years old, the child will think before acting, consider the different possible options, assess the potential risks and make a decision!

Piks is an evolving game which will gradually develop different and complementary benefits. The more the child will play Piks, the more he will know how to play and the more he will gain self-confidence and will thus naturally develop his logic and thinking.