Autonomy games for children

jeux d'autonomie pour enfants

The development of autonomy with Flot

With Kuji, Tako and Kaba, children will have fun and assimilate the right gestures to wash independently! Those are educational toys which develop children's autonomy in learning about hygiene.

Autonomy, what is it?

Autonomy is the ability to act on one's own. Autonomy allows a child to fend for themselves on a daily basis, to become independent and to make their own decisions. The development of autonomy is essential to the development of children, it goes through trial and error, frustrations and successes.

Autonomy in the world of the bath

Each child has their own rhythm and will gradually develop their autonomy as they grow up. For learn to wash, children will learn by imitation. 

As indicated Anais Rognard, occupational therapist in Lyon, having collaborated with us for the creation of bath toys, there are different stages of development indicative. Before 2-3 years, the parents will do all the washing of the child, he will therefore assimilate the different stages, which are repeated identically day after day. From the age of 3, the child will be able to reproduce the bath steps with a doll for example when he.she will play. With the accompaniment of the parent, he/she will start washing their arms or legs if asked. This will also be the time to explain the importance of hygiene and present the steps for a successful toilet. From 4-5 years old, the child begins to wash himself. You have to keep an eye on him/her, make sure that all parts of the body are washed and help him if necessary. From 6-7 years old, the child has assimilated the steps to wash properly and is autonomous!

How games can develop independence

Learn while having fun, it's much simpler though! 

To encourage your child to gain autonomy during bath time, you can create a poster together that includes the essential steps: it's a fun little reminder and that empowers the child. He/she is big enough to se laver seul.e, you just have to make sure that all the steps have been completed.

jeux d'autonomie pour les enfants

The development of autonomy with Flot

With Kuji la Baleine, the children wash in autonomy ! They just have to put a little shower gel on the sensory brush and gently sweep it over their body. To rinse off, they are spoiled for choice: they can opt for Kuji by running water or for Tako the Octopus causing a fine rain to fall on their heads. Do they want more foam for washing? Luckily Tako is here! 
Demonstrate autonomy, it's also choosing our favorite animal with whom we want to play today! Why not Kaba l'Hippo its massage beads?