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Why opt for a wooden construction set?

jeu de construction en bois

You are looking for a new educational and educational game which will benefit your child? Are you tired of connected games? You want a sustainable toy, scalable and suitable for several children?
Today, we explain everything about the wooden construction game: why this game has become essential for all families? 

The construction game: far from the screens

Attention problems
Screens are more and more ubiquitous in our homes and even at school! Screens offer many opportunities but unfortunately, the harmful effects of overconsumption are unfortunately no longer to be proven. In front of the screens children are sometimes passive and therefore are not actors. The child does not exercise his reasoning, develops few skills such as logic and thinking. Excessive use of screens can affect children's brain development, learning life skills and learning. attention span. Screens can also reinforce attention disorders

The importance of educational benefits
There screen consumption causes visual fatigue and can disturb children's sleep. Screens have all the more impact on children knowing that they are in full development. To learn, they need to experiment, to test and make mistakes. Skills visual-spatial in particular are not developed because the 2D screen does not make it possible to understand the position of objects in space. They also limit the social abilities : the child alone in front of the screen will isolate himself and not have any interactions.

Limit the impact of screens
Faced with these negative effects, there are recommendations to limit the presence of screens in children's lives: no screen before 3 years old, from 3 to 6 years old: from 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, from 6 years, you can already explain to your child the negative effects of screens and give an imposed daily screen time, to distribute as he/she wishes.

jeu de construction

The educational benefits of construction games

That's it, your choice is made: you're going to opt for a screenless game to help your child develop skills and competencies. The construction game is a must in all families for many years and when we know all the benefits it brings, we understand why:

  • Be an actor in its development
    You know, it's through the sensory experiences that the child will discover the world around him.
    He needs to experiment for himself: to touch, manipulate, see, feel...
  • Grow your self-confidence
    At first the child will grope to understand the mechanics of the game. He will build simple things, without taking risks. Thanks to experimentation and during rehearsals, the child will create increasingly large, incredible and perilous constructions. This progress will allow him to be proud of himself! Little by little, the child will gain autonomy and will learn to fend for himself... and he realizes that he is able to get there and progress!
  • Develop fine motor skills
    Fine motor skills are the set of functions that allow the control of fine movements, essential for everyday life. It is fine motor skills that allow the child to tie his shoelaces, close a button, and write, for example. To develop his fine motor skills, the child must make manual and sensory activities.
  • Promote attention and concentration
    The construction game allows the child to fixer son attention on one and the same thing and use his skills to achieve his goal!
  • Unleash your creativity and imagination
    By playing a construction game, the child has fun creating and maintaining balance, To imagine a new universe, to invent a story! There is no limit: they can combine several games, add characters... 

The wooden game:

You understand : the construction game is an educational and educational game essential that will accompany your child for many years! Which construction game to choose?  Why opt for a wooden construction set? The choice of construction game materials is essential: this is what will guarantee a balance between eco-responsibility, playability and safety.

Wooden games: sustainable toys

  • Wooden games are more resistant than other games, they very rarely break and are damaged little. This is why wood is used in construction games because there are many scraps! These are toys that can be passed down from generation to generation and become THE iconic family game that grandparents, parents and grandkids have played.
  • Upgradable games
    Wooden games accompany children for many years, throughout their development. Depending on the age of the child, various skills are worked on. For example, for little ones around 3 years old, they discover materials, colors and make simple figures. Growing up, the child will experiment, gain self-confidence and will be able to have fun creating everything he wants!
  • eco-responsible toys
    Obviously, a wooden game is more eco-responsible than a plastic game. The wood may be more easily recycled and know another life. Make sure the wood comes from: wood from FSC eco-managed forests is a 100% eco-responsible wood.

jeu de construction

Piks combines all the benefits of construction game and wooden game. And we designed it for this: support children in their proper development and provide them with all the skills necessary to grow well! We have partnered with education and childhood specialists to understand and meet the specific needs of all children. 

Thanks to its different cones and its variety of planks, Piks offers a multitude of combinations and possibilities which further develops creativity and imagination. We also wanted to allow children to feel proud of themselves, so we created creative cards with levels to see its evolution and overcome challenges! 

The benefits of the Piks construction game:

jeu de construction

The materials have been carefully chosen to guarantee playability, safety and eco-responsibility. It is the adhesion of the silicone and the wood that allows you to create a balance even when leaning! Our wooden boards are untreated and from FSC forests and the silicone is non-toxic, there is no risk if the child puts it in the mouth. Piks can fall and fall again without risk: it will not be damaged! Up to you !