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Stix, a construction game without limits

Stix is ​​more than just a construction game; it is an invitation to the overflowing imagination of children. This free and modular game allows young minds to create and reproduce all kinds of ideas, from the simplest to the most extraordinary. With Stix, the only obstacle is the lack of limits to their creativity.

Skill developpement

Beyond the pleasure of playing, Stix also promotes skill development. Planning becomes second nature as they imagine their builds in advance. Fine motor skills improve as they manipulate. Most importantly, their creativity is stimulated as they learn to solve problems and bring their unique visions to life.

A safe and durable construction game

Safety is paramount at Stix. The materials used are carefully chosen to ensure the durability and solidity of the constructions made by the children. Silicone pieces stick securely to wooden planks, ensuring their creations stay intact for hours of play.