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Piks - Building gamejeu de construction pedagogique
Piks - Building game Selling priceFrom 29,99€
Jeu educatifPiks education kit - Educational game
jeu sensoriel pour enfantsjeu sensoriel pour enfants
Piks cones kit - Sensory game Selling price19,99€
Recharge PiksRecharge pour piks
Piks Refill 12 pieces Selling price15,99€
Cartes créativesCartes créative
Piks creative cards Selling price7,99€
piks cartes logique pour jeu de constructioncartes logiques pour jeu de construction
Piks Logic Boards Selling price9,99€

Educational building games:

Piks building sets are designed for the attention development and some concentration children. They have been designed in collaboration with specialists education: child psychiatrists, occupational therapists, etc. They are scalable and therefore adapt to all ages  !  

Creative construction games:

Piks building sets release theimaginary thanks to the multiple combinations of games, free or guided. Children just have to let themselves be guided by their limitless creativity !

Responsible construction games:

piks is  environmentally friendly, the wood comes from eco-managed forests; (FSC) and the cones are made of silicone nontoxic. It is a game designed for ALL children: it is inclusive and gender neutral.