Piks - Building game

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Développe la concentration

Silicone alimentaire

Stimule la motricité fine

Bois éco-responsable FSC

Size: Small kit (24 pieces)

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experte oppi toysAnais Rognard - Occupational therapist

"In addition to discovering the pleasure of play, children will also be able to exercise their motor skills while working on their autonomy"

3 reasons to use Piks



Piks is designed for the development of attention and concentration of children. It has been designed in collaboration with education specialists: child psychiatrists, occupational therapists, etc. It is scalable and therefore adapts to all ages!



Piks frees the imaginary thanks to the multiple combinations of games, free or guided. Children just have to let themselves be guided by their unlimited creativity!



Piks is eco-responsible, the wood comes from eco-managed forests (FSC) and the cones are made of non-toxic silicone >. It's a game designed for ALL children: it's inclusive and gender neutral.

Learn while having fun

The rule of the game is simple: make the highest or most original construction possible without dropping any parts!

And for that, you have to know how to use logic, reflection, attention and concentration to accomplish your mission!

jeu de construction piks

Multiple benefits for the child

Piks has been specially designed with education specialists to provide essential benefits for the proper development of children: child psychiatrists, occupational therapists, etc.

It is scalable and therefore adapts to all ages!

4 game possibilities

jeu de construction

Free play

The best rule is not to have one! Build the creation of your choice but remember: you will always need at least three cones for a planchette to be stable on top.

jeu de construction

Figurative game

With Piks, you can also create friends to play with. Use the cones as eyes or legs, the board as a body and create all types of characters: crocodile, rhino, etc... Use the creative cards to help you.

jeu de construction

The tower of pikes

Create the tallest tower without dropping any coins! Three difficulty levels. The first: uses the same types of cones per stage. The second: uses at least two different types of cones per stage. The third: uses the three possible types of cones per floor.

jeu de construction

Battle of Piks

From 2 to several players, challenge the balance with your opponents! Each player must place a floor in turn (3 cones and 1 board). The first to bring down the structure loses. The last player remaining is the winner.

jeu de construction en famille

Alone or with others

The real asset of Piks lies in its ability to be used both alone and with others, which makes it an ifun to do with family.

The team can cooperate to find solutions to design problems and help each other improve their communication and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, Piks is ideal for parents who want limit their children's screen time and encouraging creative and educational family leisure activities.

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