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How to occupy your child during the holidays?

occuper son enfant pendant les vacances
The winter holidays are fast approaching and you will be able to share even more family moments with your children. New memories will be created, you can't wait to live these precious moments of joy and happiness... as we understand you! But you always ask yourself the same question: How to occupy the children all day during the holidays? 

Do you always try to use your imagination to find new activities, which will interest them and if possible, for more than 10 minutes? Running out of ideas? In this article, we give you ideas for screenless games to play indoors, outdoors, alone or with others! 

Holidays, an opportunity to learn while having fun

That's it, school is over (for now!) and the children are excited to be able to devote themselves 100% to their favorite activity: PLAY !

On average, children spend 1h24 a day playing, it is the n°1 activity they indulge in after sleeping, eating and going to school. Let them play as much as they want; the game is a real vector of learning ! Children love to play, they will not even realize the time spent learning while playing. 

                                 83% of children say they learn best when they play.

By playing, a child will experience his own playful experiencess and will enjoy repeating them! He will make trial and error which allows him to acquire skills and knowledge, at his own pace. 

Fun and educational outdoor activities

  • A nature observation book
    This activity is perfect for awake children to fauna and flora. The idea? During each walk (and even in the garden), let your child pick and pick up what he wants: a flower, a leaf, a piece of wood, a pebble,... When he comes home, he just has to list his treasures in a notebook and add a small explanatory note.

  • A treasure hunt
    This activity requires a little organization but the advantage is that you can also imagine it indoors! All you have to do is hide a treasure, prepare and hide the clues and create a treasure map (it doesn't have to be very detailed and true to life!). Children will have to showobservation, logic and reflection to carry out their mission!

These activities can be done alone or with others, depending on the desires and needs of the child. The game is also a great way to create social connection necessary for the healthy development of children. By playing together, children learn to listen, express themselves, collaborate And to take decisions.

Indoor educational activities

  • A cooking workshop 
    What better than cooking to link learning and fun? Take the time to choose a recipe that your child likes and take advantage of this moment of complicity to make discover foods, explain the proportions and learn to follow the steps.

  • Create sensory experiences
    There are a multitude of sensory activities to set up: whether they are visual, auditory, tactile stimulation,.. For example, you can create sensory bottles with rice, colored beads, this stimulates the sense of sight and hearing, develop observation and imagination.

Activities to play alone, independently!

Do you want to keep your children busy but don't want it to require a lot of organization? Do you want your children to learn to take care of themselves? The simplest activities are sometimes the best to occupy your children for a while independently.

  • Drawing, painting, modeling clay to express yourself
    Take out the sheets, pens, markers, paint, modeling clay and let your child imagine and create anything he wants! If he lacks imagination, give him a theme: create an imaginary city, invent an animal, represent the family... It will make you fond memories!
  • A puzzle to demonstrate logic and concentration
    You want your child to stay concentrate more than 5 minutes? Opt for a puzzle that he has chosen beforehand if possible, his motivation will only be greater to complete it! He or she should observe, analyze and use patience to finish the puzzle.
  • Reading for quiet time
    Let your child settle in a restful place (without outside noise, with a soft light and why not a musical background) so that he can rediscover his favorite story (that you read to him every evening!) or discover new adventures in pictures!

occuper son enfant pendant les vacances

Do you know all the secrets of Piks, our free and creative construction game?

Pix, it is our educational and educational construction game that free the imagination children!

Children can play alone or with others, indoors and outdoors! Composed of cones of different shapes and colors and wooden planks, it offers a multitude of possible combinations. Children can imagine and create anything they want: a giant tower, an animal, a fortified castle...

They will have to show concentration to successfully create their constructions and maintain balance. The children are going to make trial and error, test, adjust and be proud of them! With Piks, they have endless fun and create without limit!

occuper son enfant pendant les vacances

As you have seen in this article, many games exist to occupy children, but remember: you do not need to occupy them 100% of the time! They also need to learn calm, simple rest times and their benefits.

We wish you a very nice family holiday and great moments of play!