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Bath toys that help your child
learn about hygiene and independence


3 good reasons to use Flot
Our bath toys are...

illustration flot

Educational and Innovative

The Flot range’s three sea animals offer a fresh approach! These 3 bathtime friends help and reassure children while teaching them good habits, such as learning to wash themselves. At the same time, they also develop their fine motor skills, five senses, and independence through experimental play.

kaba l'hippopotame
tako le poulpe
Kuji la Baleine
jouets de bain sans moisissure


Nobody wants to play and wash with germs!
Over time, traditional bath toys get mouldy on the inside. Our three Flot friends solve this problem! Each toy is designed to separate into two parts, so that they can dry naturally, be thoroughly cleaned and stay 100% mould-free!

jouets de bain fabriqués en France

Made in France & Sustainable

The three Flot toys are also innovative in their choice of sustainable materials. Each toy is made of two parts. One is made of 100% natural materials from organically-sourced wood fibre waste. The other is soft, non-toxic and 100% recyclable. But there’s more! The collection is 100% designed and manufactured in France.
collection de jouets de bain flot

You talk about it...

How Flot works
Meet the 3 animals in the Flot range


Kuji the Whale is a new friend who will make bathtime more fun than ever before!

Like every whale, Kuji’s mouth and belly hold a treasure trove of surprises!Kuji’s baleen teeth, running the full length of the upper part, provide a sensory brush that children can use for washing and brushing, while developing fine motor skills and their sense of touch.

But that’s not all! She is also designed so she can be used to rinse your little one’s hair and for pouring water as part of unstructured play, or making up fun, imaginary stories.


transvasement d'eau Kuji la Baleine

Pouring and rinsing


brosse sensorielle Kuji la Baleine

Sensory brush


Kuji la Baleine, jouet de bain innovant

Unstructured, imaginery play


Tako the Octopus is a new friend who’ll make sure you never get bored! Playing with foam and water while learning to wash has never been so much fun.

With Tako, children can make their own foam or make water fall like rain on their head or body thanks to the sieve-like structure inside the toy.

With Tako’s magical water powers, children can stimulate their sense of discovery, exploration and awareness, and also experiment freely in boundless imagery play.


mousse Tako le Poulpe

Produces foam


jouet de bain fabriqué en France Tako le Poulpe

Shower and rinse


ventouses ludiques Tako le Poulpe

Fun suckers


Tako le Poulpe jouet de bain éco-responsable

Unstructured, imaginery play


Kaba the Hippo is THE friend for a calm, relaxing bathtime!
Like all hippos, he loves to bathe and chill out, and that’s what he’ll teach us to do too. Kaba’s feet are made of sensory balls so children can play during and after bathtime. They are also ideal for gentle massage, especially for children.

Discovering parts of the body, stimulating their sense of touch, or laughing
together when the water comes out of his nose, Kaba is the perfect companion for well-being, learning and fun, all rolled into one!


propulseur d'eau Kaba

Aspergeur d’eau


billes sensorielles kaba

Billes de massage relaxantes


kaba l'hippopotame

Jeu libre & imaginaire

Made in France and Eco-friendly

icone drapeau france

Made in France

The whole Flot collection has been designed by our team in Montpellier and developed in conjunction with our research department in Angers. But it doesn’t stop there… these three characters are also manufactured in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region of France!
We work closely with a manufacturer who specialises in injection moulding and has the right skills and quality assurance to meet the requirements for the collection.

icone globe

At last, a selection of natural, sustainable materials for the bath. Each toy is made in two parts. One is made of 100% natural materials from organically-sourced wood fibre waste. The other is soft, non-toxic and 100% recyclable.
Both innovative materials are environmentally-friendly and recyclable so our three friends’ adventures won’t end when bathtime is over!