OPPI® is committed to the Pink Blouses

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Like every year, we are committed to supporting in our own way an association that works with children. We have decided to offer 50 Piks kits to the Blouses Roses association to allow children in the hospital to experience moments of play!

The association Les Blouses Roses 

You may already know the association Les Blouses Roses?

The association has 5,000 women and men mobilized to bring joy and good humor to children, hospitalized adults and elderly people in nursing homes.

It is a recognized association of public utility that works every day to make more than a million people smile! The many beneficiaries are adults in places of care, the elderly in retirement homes and children in hospitals. 

Volunteers give their time to share precious and essential moments for the well-being of children: playful, recreational or artistic workshops such as board games, gardening, cooking, painting... These are moments out of time, and far from the atmosphere of the hospital.

Volunteers provide better care for patients. A patient who smiles thanks to the Pink Blouses is a patient who is better! With the children, the volunteers have a double mission: to make the children forget why they are there and to appease their parents. 

It is to support their important actions with those who need it that we offered 50 Piks kits to the association Les Blouses Roses!


A common commitment: the well-being of children

For more than 75 years, the association Les Blouses Roses has brought comfort and entertainment to hospitalized children and adults and to the elderly and disabled. All the volunteers put all their energy at the service of the children who need it. 

This is also what we do our way at OPPI® by creating different games, suitable for all children. This desire to be useful to children is linked to the personal story of Hansel, co-founder and CEO.

Indeed, Hansel had to deal with Gorham-Stout disease from the age of 7 to 17. He spent many times in the hospital, in Barcelona where he was treated. It was during this period that the game took a prominent place by offering moments of sharing between brothers, laughter and fun. Hansel then studied design where he became passionate about educational and therapeutic games. This is where the idea of ​​creating games accessible to all children was born. 

3 years after the birth of OPPI®, it is obvious for us to help in turn the children who need it by making our games available to them!

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We had the chance to meet the Presidents of the Pink Blouses committees of the Occitanie region and their project manager to give them the Piks kits! Thanks to Les Blouses Roses for making this possible!


Piks, the game that accompanies all children

Piks is a construction game with which children can imagine and create everything!

Thanks to the support of volunteers, children will discover the game, its colors, its materials and the multitude of possibilities. They will help them understand balance and proportions... Children will have fun alone or with others, and learn at the same time! Here is the proof in pictures: 

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