OPPI® and Lunii launch an unprecedented collaboration


We've created our Bath Toy Collection to support children in learning hygiene, autonomy, sensory awareness and l’imagination. To make children's creativity and imagination grow even more, we wanted to partner with Lunii, the creative brand of Ma Fabrique à Histoires.

Lunii: the creators of Ma Fabrique à Histoires

The Lunii start-up, created in 2014 by Maëlle Chassard and her three friends Igor and Thomas Krinbarg and Eric Le Bot, is known to many families in France! Lunii is at the origin of Ma Fabrique à Histoires, the only storyteller who gives children the power to create their own stories.

Lunii was born from a strong will: put the imagination at the heart of the child's development. Away from screens, Mhe Story Factory has become an educational tool, one of discovery, wonder, adventure, laughter and emotion for all children!


month constantly offers new interactive audiobooks to download and listen to on Ma Fabrique à Histoires, thanks to its authors, actors, publishers, illustrators. Kids can learn all about history, geography, animals... and rediscover their favorite stories like The Little Prince, Mr. and Mrs., and now the Bath stories dedicated to Flot!


Flot: innovative bath toys

If you've come this far, it's because you already know a little about our Flot bath toys! But we represent them to you, for our greatest pleasure…

In the Flot family, There is :

 Kuji la Baleine with its sensory brush,

 Tako the Octopus which creates rain and moss,

 Kaba l'Hippo, the sweetest of hippos.

Everyone has their own magical powers and benefits! The goal? Teach children to wash themselves, independently, while having fun in the bath by inventing lots of stories!

What is special about these toys?
Our 3 animals open in two separable parts and can therefore be washed and dried entirely. The mold problem is finally over! 

Approach : 
All our toys are designed by combining design and education. For this Collection, we had the chance to collaborate with Anaïs Rognard, occupational therapist and Sonia Krief, childcare assistant. 
In addition, our bath toys have been imagined in an approach 100% responsible: the materials are recycled and recyclable and the manufacturing is French.

6 Untold Bath Stories

Partnering with Lunii was obvious to us! We share the same values, the same responsible commitment and the same desire: to contribute to the healthy development of children.

Our bath toys accompany children during this precious moment of the bath: a moment of discovery, relaxation, hygiene and above all fun and escape! Water is a universe conducive to the imagination… children can tell all kinds of stories and adventures. What could be better than dedicated stories for further develop children's imaginations Lunii has thus created 6 stories dedicated to the Flot bath toys collection. Kuji, Tako and Kaba are lucky enough to have their adventures told! Each animal is staged through 2 stories: one to learn how to wash properly in stages, the other to experience incredible adventures... fun and educational stories ! Children will love listening to stories written by Sophie Nanteuil and told by Lou Viguier and Tony Marot!

We make you listen to an excerpt:

How do I download Bath Stories?

THE bath stories are offered as soon as you have one of our Flot bath toys! 

In the Flot box, you will find an individual code to download the audiobook for free bath stories on
The 6 bath stories can be listened to exclusively on Ma Fabrique à Histoires.

THE bath stories can also be downloaded alone from the site