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Small kit piks : un jeu de construction éducatif et éco-responsable

Piks Small 24-Piece Set

3-6 years


Piks Small includes 24 pieces:

  • 18 × silicone cones (non-toxic)
  • 6 × beech planks (solid wood)
  • 1 instruction booklet (including examples of Creative Cards)

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Carte Créative Piks
illustrations flot
illustration piks

The Small Set includes 24 pieces and is the ideal introduction to the Piks construction set. The variety of materials used – silicone cones and beechwood boards – promote sensory development in 3 to 5-year-olds. Children also develop fine motor skills as they learn to handle the different pieces.


This toy for unstructured play offers an endless number of combinations to let children’s imaginations run wild! They can build all kinds of things, such as giant towers, animals, bridges, space rockets and many more. Children can play alone, or with an adult to guide them, and gradually develop independent play.


Piks sets are suitable for all children, regardless of gender and ability. All our toys are laboratory-tested to guarantee safety.


Plus! The parts in the Small Set are compatible with other sets: Medium Set, Large Set and Education Set .

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 19.5 × 6 cm
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Discover Piks in video

enfant fier de jouer à piks
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98 in stock

Découvrez Piks en Vidéo

enfant fier de jouer à piks
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98 in stock

«Eco-Friendly» Natural Wood

We use natural solid wood (beech) from eco-responsible forests and sources.

«Non-toxic» silicone

Our three colored are made of non-toxic silicone and comply with the European RoHs Directive.

Design & education

Our toys are drawn with meaning and reflect a logical, minimalist and playful design that meets the current needs of children.


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