From 3 to 12 years


The construction set for unstructured play
that helps build concentration


3 good reasons to use Piks
Piks play sets are...

bienfait logique et réflexion


Piks is designed to develop children’s attention and concentration. It was designed with input from education experts: child phsychiatrists, play therapists, etc. From simple designs to complex constructions, it is suitable for all ages!

bienfait imagination


Piks frees the imagination, offering lots of different opportunities for structured or unstructured play. Children can just let themselves be guided by their own boundless creativity.



Piks is environmentally sustainable. Our wood is sourced from FSC forests and our cones are made of non-toxic silicone. It is designed to be an inclusive, gender-neutral game for ALL children.

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You talk about it...

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How Piks works

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The toy comprises 3 sizes of different-coloured silcone cones and various shapes of beechwood boards. You can “Pik” and mix the different pieces to suit yourself! When the cones and boards are placed on top of each other, the silicone grips the wood. It is this grip which makes an infinite number of combinations possible.

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The object of the game is to have fun! Piks can be played alone or with multiple players and is suitable for any age. You can choose unstructured play and start building the highest or the most original tower.

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Vous pouvez aussi vous laisser guider par les cartes créatives Piks conçues pour vous accompagner dans la réalisation de votre construction : tentez de reproduire la tour inversée, un crocodile, une fusée…

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