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Are toys and play essential for the best development of children?

At O P P I ®, we believe this to be the case. Toys are the first objects that our children receive in their hands. We believe that these objects must convey important values ​​and must be designed in the most educational, logical and sensible way possible.

Because of this, we strongly believe that the links between design and education are important. This is why our educational toys are developed on concrete themes of childhood and this thanks to collaborations between different specialists.

Design is first of all a response to a problem. For the design of a toy, this process must remain the same. We need to observe, understand the needs of today’s children, and consult with specialists to provide the best toys and tools for the adults of tomorrow.

From the beginning we work and consult the good progress of our design stages with several collaborators who constitute our “board” of specialists. This process is also the choice we have made to create smart and beneficial toys, in the most complete inclusion, for all children.


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