What if toys were essential for children’s development?

illustration piks
Hansel et Bastien Schloupt, co-fondateurs d'OPPI®
illustration piks
illustration piks

We take play seriously!

“OPPI® is a committed brand of modern toys, dedicated to the development of all children. We design toys to meet an educational need, that’s what we mean by an educational design.”

Hansel & Bastien Schloupt, co-founders of OPPI®.

Our Mission

At OPPI® our aim is be beneficial to children.We want to support their development and grow their self-confidence, so that they become competent adults. Seeing children smile while they are playing with OPPI® toys really makes our day!

enfants heureux de jouet à piks
Hansel et Bastien Schloupt, créateurs de Piks et Flot

Would you like to hear a story?

This is the tale of two brothers, called Hansel & Bastien Schloupt. From a very young age, they did everything together. They played, built and fixed all sorts of things…

As the years went by, they became great friends (and they still are, to this very day)!

Unfortunately, between the ages of 7 and 17, Hansel suffered from Gorham-Stout Disease. At that time, toys and games became an important way to have a break and spend special time with his family, particularly his brother Bastien. Hansel went to Barcelona for treatment and later went on to study design, which he loved. His work focused on designing therapeutic products, working with child development experts to support child development through play.

Hansel et Bastien Schloupt enfants

Partly due to his own experience, helping others had always been Hansel’s ambition and so his idea was born: to launch his own brand to aid children’s development. Bastien always supported his brother’s plans and once again, it followed that he would go into business with him, so that they could help children together. So in Montpellier, in 2018, Hansel & Bastien were very proud to announce the birth of their brainchild, OPPI®.

jeu de construction éco-responsable piks

A passion now shared with others!

The rest of the story is that the OPPI® family continues to grow! We all come from different backgrounds, working together towards the same goal: to contribute to child development through play. Clara, Romina, Noée, Morgane, Margaux, Arthur and Aurélie have now joined Hansel and Bastien on the OPPI® team. We are all motivated by the same ambition: to do something useful for today and for the future. We are committed to doing our best every day, so that as many children as possible grow up happily.

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équipe OPPI®

“We want OPPI® to be a company that is really tuned into childcare and education and the therapeutic benefits of play.”

Hansel & Bastien

Why do you have so much to say about design and education?

A toy is one of the first objects that a child will hold in their hands, so we have a lot of responsibility for its design. For us, design means a simple, well thought-out product that meets one or more needs. We had to work with experts in the field (play therapists, child psychiatrists, etc.) to create a toy that supports child development in practical ways, such as addressing attention and concentration deficit, and developing independence.

All of our toys are therefore conceived to combine two key elements: design and education (that’s why we mention it a lot)!

illustration piks
illustration piks
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illustration piks
recherche et développement piks
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Why is the quality of materials important?

We also take our responsibility very seriously when it comes to selecting materials. We have to ensure both safety (our toys are laboratory tested) and playability (children are the best testers when it comes to playability). We have also chosen to use sustainable materials. Creating toys for children also means committing to using sustainable, high-quality materials so that children become aware of environmental responsibility at a very young age.

recherche et développement flot
enfant créant une construction piks
cônes colorés en silicone
planchettes en bois éco-responsable

OPPI® is committed to:

Play, which is essential for ALL children! OPPI® does not differentiate between boys and girls: we make inclusive toys for any gender. You won’t find pink for girls and blue for boys here, because we wish to promote the values of acceptance and tolerance. Our toys are suitable for ALL children, whether they are living with a disability or not. We make toys for anyone who wants to have fun (and we can assure you that lots of people do)!

As we love to make children happy, we donate toys every year to organisations who are most in need, in order to benefit as many children as possible.

illustration piks
petite fille jouant à piks
enfant concentré en jouant à piks
That’s how many children we have made smile with OPPI® toys!

What makes us proud:

OPPI® has now won 18 national and international awards in recognition of our design, educational benefits, entrepreneurship or innovation. We are always happy and touched to receive an award because it proves that we are doing something right and that we are really making a difference to children’s development. All these rewards encourage us to carry on our adventure!

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People are talking about us:

To find out more about us and about OPPI®, please check out our press articles and interviews. It’s always a pleasure to share our story with you!


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